About us

Allatrack is a young and progressive IT company that provides a full range of services in the field of data analysis and software development of any complexity.

Thanks to the individual approach to each client, the Allatrack development team uses the most advanced methods of managing resources and processes when creating software, while providing the Customer with a high-quality software product.

The company is engaged in the development and implementation of effective technological solutions for corporate business and government institutions.

By combining knowledge and international experience in various industries, we develop and implement innovative products and services individually for each client.

Mobile and Web Development

  • Development of cross-platform applications
  • SmartWatch Applications
  • Corporate systems of any complexity
  • Blockchain (Hyperledger)

Postgres, c# .Net, UWP, REST API, native Android, native iOS, native js, vue js, PHP, Laravel, Angular.js, Postgres, Beanstalkd, microservices, Cordova, OnsenUI, Blockchain (hyperledger fabric)

Computer vision systems

  • Streaming recognition systems.
  • Video analytics.
  • Color vision and analysis of multispectral images.
  • Methods of X-ray and ultrasound imaging.
  • Using visual properties in human-machine interfaces

Accord.Net, OpenCV, Python, Go, C++, SciKit, ContourAnalysis, Cuda, TensorFlow

Machine learning technologies

  • Statistical analysis.
  • Analysis of unstructured data.
  • Forecasting based on incomplete data.
  • Linguistic analysis.
  • Image recognition systems
  • Deep training.

Python, Go, C++, SciKit, xgBoost, goml, Cython, vowpal wabbit, TensorFlow, 10K requests/sec

Working with equipment

  • Integration with medical systems
  • Analysis of medical data
  • Air monitoring systems


  • Creation of training programs and tests
  • Creation of interactive environment for interaction in AR / VR
  • Demonstration stands AR for sales departments of construction companies
  • Architectural 3D modeling and visualization (interiors, exteriors) + integration into AR / VR (low-poly, Hi-poly 3DS Max, ARCHICAD)

Unity, C#, .Net


We combine traditional and up-to-date technologies, including blocking (distributed database technology), machine learning and IoT (Internet of things).

The implementation of all projects is based on increasing the efficiency of operational processes, creating new business models and their scalability for our customers.

In addition, we are developing agribusiness and cleantech (energy, garbage and water), Healthtech, fintech and others.