Digital transformation for agriculture
«Intelligent agriculture» aims to maximize the automation of agricultural activities, increase yield and product quality

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According to the UN forecasts, by 2050 it will be necessary to produce

70 %

more food products than now, to feed the growing population of the Earth

With software solutions from Allatrack you can automate up to

90 %

of your business transactions.


Individual approach

Our specialized development teams create software for agricultural drones, data analysis systems, enterprise mobility applications, cattle management, and so on.


Our developers can also help you use blockchain technology to create more secure supply chains

Data analysis

Allatrack engineers develop agritech data analysis software that collects, stores and analyzes data created by unmanned aerial vehicles, sensors and other devices. We use various algorithms, including machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, to extract useful information


Architectural and technological consulting
Development of agronomical services
evaluation of profitability
Software for process automation and optimization
project management
Predictive tools for analysis
Internet of things
Digital transformation for agriculture
Algorithms of machine learning and computer vision
Computer vision and image processing
Engineering services
Integrated logistics
information security
asset tracking (RFID and barcode)
VR and AR applications for simulated environments
Deploy IT infrastructure and cloud operations
Risk modeling
Real-time data processing

Digital transformation for agriculture

Thanks to Allatrack solutions, livestock workers and veterinarians can access data and digital records in real time to better manage the health of each animal

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Big data
Internet Things and Data Analysis

Big data

Forecasting, decision making, increasing yield and process optimization, computer vision and block technology - all these technologies allow optimizing processes in the agricultural sector

business analytics

Operationally make strategic and tactical decisions based on ongoing monitoring of the current business.


accurate forecasting and optimization of processes on farms. Our solutions facilitate logistics, procurement, management of cattle and much more.


increase of yield (on average by 15-20%), which are achieved by reducing the volume of used seeds, agrochemicals, fertilizers and water, more efficient use of land

Internet Things and Data Analysis

Precise farming

a wide range of technologies from planning sowing and soil preparation, condition monitoring and crop management, moisture control, soil mineralization and temperature regime to harvesting the crop itself.

«Smart greenhouses»

Operational savings are achieved through more efficient use of fertilizers, chemicals, and water. The technology also allows to optimize the number of personnel that is needed to care for crops, and to reduce losses arising due to human factors..

«Smart Farms »

increasing animal productivity and product quality. Automated systems of fattening, milking and monitoring the health of livestock can increase milk yield by 30-40%.


Monitoring with GPS and sensors allows first to reduce fuel consumption to 20%, and to optimize routes and staff utilization.

Raw materials

The management of raw materials is designed to reduce losses (up to 25%) due to non-optimal storage conditions for agricultural products. Specially defined algorithms in real-time mode monitor the state of products (in particular, the temperature regime of storage facilities, humidity level, carbon dioxide content) and help decide on the need for sales / further processing.