Revolutionary developments of advanced technology companies are approaching the beginning of the era of autonomous cars

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By 2020, about 152 million "connected" machines will generate up to


terabytes of data a day.

Soon there will come a turning point, after which it will be impossible to stop the "revolution" in the transport sector.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

We successfully deliver a product of any complexity: from simple mobile applications to exclusive high-performance VR-simulations

Computer Vision

Computer vision - image and signal processing, navigation, visualization, parking assistance and cruise control, driver health monitoring.

Business Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms

Test equipment performance and prevent failures. AI-enabled systems analyze key indicators to predict faults before they occur.


Architectural and technological consulting
Ensure Reliability and Information Security
Virtualization and cloud technologies
Telematic projects
Customization and adaptation
Engineering services
Integrated logistics
Reengineering to enhance customer interaction
Creation of ERM and CRM
Asset tracking (RFID and barcode)
VR and AR for simulated environments
Individual software development and QA
Extended analytics
Risk modeling
Real-time data processing


Big Data and IoT solutions

Big Data and IoT solutions

Analysis of data and the Internet of things allows you to model and build processes in a new way. Autonomous transport, process automation and telematic systems are the future that is already ahead of us.

solutions autonomous vehicles

We contribute to the development of innovative solutions in the field of autonomous transport

Lowering traffic congestion

  • determining your own location on the road / terrain;
  • monitoring and analysis of actions of surrounding mobile and stationary objects;
  • information interaction with elements of the surrounding traffic situation, the dispatch center, the technical support service;

Information Technology

  • monitoring of infrastructure development;
  • Tracking the dynamics of transport and trade flows, the structure of commodity exchange
  • analysis of international and interregional cargo flows;

Geoinformation systems (GIS)

Collection, digitization and display of cartographic information in two-dimensional or three-dimensional mode.