The last word in the world of modern technology is the transition of single systems (house, apartment) to IoT (smart quarters, cities), which are analyzed with the help of Big Data.

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Engineering Infrastructure

The engineering system of buildings is a fundamental principle of safety, comfortable residence and work in the premises of individual service while minimizing the costs of using and consuming energy. The experience of using engineering systems of large offices, hotels, air terminals, stadiums and shopping centers.

Automation of the building management system

Allatrack is the creation of an automated control system for all available systems: security, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electricity supply and lighting.

Help in maintaining engineering systems of construction

Allatrack technology easily solves the issues of service, maintenance and commissioning of the entire engineering system, even installed by other suppliers. The main difference Allatrack is a comprehensive approach to the service associated with the engineering system of the client's buildings.

Civil works

With the help of Allatrack without unnecessary risks, complex and technically dangerous general construction works in capital construction are carried out. Allatrack-specialists are engaged in complex support of projects from the very beginning of work (obtaining initial-permissive documentation) until the very start of the use of the facility.

Structured Cabling Systems

The foundation of the information infrastructure of the building. SCS is the creation of communication channels for automation and control over technological supply, telephone network inside, security system (alarm, video, security and industrial TV).

Electricity supply systems

Experts Allatrack created a complex, which consists of uninterrupted power supply, lighting systems and internal supply of electricity. This method is used to increase the quality of power supply and eliminate electrical breakages. New engineering solutions reduce the costs of debugging, time costs for the service, provide comfortable conditions for users, and perform many other functions related to the operation of the system.

Managing a building from a distance

Automation of use and service, as well as control over engineering systems from one place. In the 24/7 operating mode all year round, this method allows timely making the right decisions to prevent force majeors with a small percentage of personnel, reduce the price of insurance, save 20% of energy, increase the price for renting office buildings.

Building energy dependence

Local Heat power plant is needed to create and unhindered equipping consumers with high-quality electricity in the right amount.

Security of construction

In this paragraph, the security of the building and the protection of the office building area from third parties are stipulated. This includes video surveillance, access control points, signaling sensors.


Virtual Reality
Big Data, AI


In Allatrack centers, architects, engineers and builders are engaged in their activities, which provide the service from the conception of the project to its full implementation. BIM-technologies are used in the work.

General Contractor

Creation of an information model that combines architectural planning, constructive and engineering solutions with the mapping of technical and economic standards.
To simplify the work in the field of using complex objects, 3D-visualization of information about the project in VR complexes is used. From individual systems and virtual reality glasses to CAVE systems for team use.


Data on the construction site, from the architecture of the building and the volume-constructive solutions to the creation of engineering networks and systems.

Creating models

Using Allatrack, you can perform information-based modeling. Employees of the company participate in the creation of the regulatory and legal framework for the operation of BIM.


The BIM-model of the existing project, after the completion of the construction, provides data on each system, engineering site, cleaned or added partition in real time. The customer can quickly and accurately track fluctuations in asset prices in the accounting period, even data on depreciation and depreciation, through the introduction of accounting systems.


Management of repair and construction works (data on the degree of wear, design deficiencies, building elements) from a single center.

Virtual Reality

This is a completely new level, which is used to sell apartments in new buildings. This technology gives a certain competitive advantage in the real estate market.

Virtual reality in construction practice:

This is a consolidation of data on a new project, landscape and infrastructure facilities

With the help of VR it is possible to conduct virtual tours for control authorities, investors, customers and persons who are interested in the project long before the start of its operation.

You can also give an opportunity to assess the strengths of the project

Keep track of the building levels

3D visualization of apartments and mobile applications: technologies of the future for cooperation between entrepreneurs and developers

Visualization of living space layout, 360-degree space drawing, top views, QR-codes for smart phones and VR-stations.

Big Data, AI

Generative Design

A technology that uses AI equipment to calculate possible final project variants based on programmed constraints or the exact production path.

AI in architecture and real estate

AI detects images based on the analysis of data from drones and cameras indicating places and actions that do not comply with the existing order and safety rules. In addition, AI makes an assessment of project risks, using the information accumulated earlier to create a pre-emptive model that indicates what actions require attention.

AI, design

The devices under AI control analyze the potential construction site, evaluate it and surrounding objects without introducing a human factor. AI issues an expert opinion on the possibilities of implementing the project, its construction.


Control over projects in progress is the second side of the application. It is based on expert decisions, which are used by project managers, as well as to facilitate the work of builders.


The electronic environment (elevators, parking lots, security sensors, parking lots, video cameras) is integrated into one system, which is connected together via Wi-Fi. Guests manage these things using a smartphone, exchange data with other residents.


The use of the "Internet of things" technology gives great opportunities in real estate, where BIM technologies, for security and economic productivity, constantly work with data.Areas of work with the Internet of things and BIM in construction

Check and service

Control of serviceability and repair of available tools is the leader in construction costs. But modern sensors quickly indicate a breakdown and malfunction. Also, the technology is used by managers who are timely informed about the need to replenish resources, which reduces the length of downtime.

Saving energy

Integration of a system of sensors that control lighting on the site, which reduces energy costs. It is important for the creation of internal rooms, even temperature indicators. Projects of systems are created by BIM-models of the future construction. Minimizing energy costs for "paper work", which contributes to the protection of trees.

GPS tracking and electronic time calculation

Observing the movement of materials on the construction model reduces the costs that the company incurs due to errors. Analysis of the work of the truck driver accurately controls the time frames and the degree of safety of driving.


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