Allatrack integrates these systems vertically, so the management of all levels has the necessary support for reviewing information, planning, response and control.

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Each dollar spent on analytics receives RIO (Return of Investment) at a rate of


with 60

and more deployments.


Analysis of available information for productivity growth

Allatrack programming experts create systems that control the effective operation of energy reserves. Special equipment collects, stores and parses information from sensors, while Allatrack programmers help to use these data in typed solutions of scientific experiments.

Machine Learning and AI

Analysis is complicated at times with machine learning. The integration of AI's innovative libraries prevents possible accidents in the operation of tools and improving the operability of systems. The system's algorithms allow energy companies to reduce the excessive use of energy resources, minimize the expenditure on techno service and pay for work.

IoT systems for power utilities

IoT in conjunction with power equipment accurately monitors system performance and isolation of bottlenecks. When connecting sensors and devices, a much higher level of control over energy networks is provided, our experts help with these various electronics manufacturers and utilities. We resolve current business problems with the help of modern technologies.

Our Opportunities

IoT for energy companies
Software for domain companies for energy companies
Platforms in the complex, which help to analyze the incoming data
Engineering and the use of Artificial Intelligence for optimization
Mobile applications for controlling energy consumption
OpenText ECM for Enterprise
Creation and individualization of corporate solutions
Implementation of a set of industry solutions
Active control of load characteristics of consumers
Creating possible outcomes for tracking and processing complex events based on Big Data
Energy management systems
Software for distribution and shutdown control systems
Reception and integration of standards and protocols in the industry
Control over distributed energy resources
Deep analysis and forecasting of renewable energy generation
Booting Energy Solutions
Productive control over distributed generation systems with a large number of sources
Monitoring and analysis for numerous dynamic unstable generation systems


Technologies used

The anticipation

of every possible load and productive control over the elements of the network to maximize energy conservation and prevent critical overloads.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence to assess information about energy data for the sake of providing the client with sustainable services.


tracking information about the state of energy and service data using IoT technologies with intelligent service, streamlining of automated operations and better customer service.


This technology allows you to use data on energy and optimize the service, facilitate the manufacture of products and timely provision of data to reduce all possible costs to a minimum.


IBM Blockchain is needed to maximize the protection of existing data and the purity of your business systems. This technology is in demand and that is why it deserves a confidential relationship.

BI-systems in the electric power industry

Business analytics is the most important factor in the assessment of the electric power industry. Although, in this area, a greater preference is given to parsing large data. But this is not surprising, since the policy of markets for BI-systems is aimed at Big Data projects.

First-fee information

In the energy business, data collection is done through a visual assessment of the state of the facility, monitoring of sensors, etc. Large energy companies have a huge number of data analysis points, which is 1.1 billion per day.

Innovation in data processing

The success of the company is, first of all, the speed of making rational decisions. Basically, this is an important factor. The data is collected and passes several stages of verification and analysis. Such a method requires a lot of money invested in data monitoring systems.

Prevention and service as standard

After computer processing, we come to a new stage - analysis of the state of supply. Modern enterprises use smart sensors that inform about the state of systems. If there is a breakdown of certain segments, the service staff momentarily leave the site and clean up the malfunction.


Such changes bring your business to a fundamentally new level of reliability and productivity in the sphere of energy systems.

Power network analysis

  • Analysis of generating capacity
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Control over the cost profile
  • Electric power distribution


  • Monitoring needs
  • Power generation by users
  • Virtual power stations


  • Productivity growth
  • Increasing the distribution of generation and environmentally friendly energy


  • Progress in Reliability
  • Real-time asset control