Gas & oil

Big Data technology is a progressive way of implementing plans. Halo applications of these technologies are great, from exploration and development before processing of hydrocarbon raw materials

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companies that work with Big Data technologies

are 3

times more likely to implement their plans

Since the analysis and the traditional business analyst are combined


Reduce downtimes by 5-20%.

Improvement of activities due to increased availability, reliability and use assets that are at the disposal of the enterprise.

The efficiency of the use of personnel is increased by 10-20%.

Centralized control of activities, which includes long-term and short-term Planning, as well as preventive and rapid maintenance.

The demand for inventories drops by 20-30%

We will help to maximize the accuracy of inventory planning, considering the need maintenance and management of communication with the supplier, the maximum reduce the level of unnecessary and old stocks.

Use of assets will increase by 3-5%

Centralized control of the input of the organization's assets, specificity, position, calibration and cost, and management and in a unified system.

Our Opportunities

Architectural and technological consulting
Implementation of integrated industry solutions.
Energy management systems.
Software for segregation and shutdown control systems.
Fast and timely analysis of data.
Approval and alignment of industry standards and protocols.
Control over projects and production processes.
Sale of petroleum products, control and planning of this process.
Registration and planning of those. maintenance, repair of equipment.
Working with Blockchain solutions
Working with real-time data
Processing and controlling the execution of orders.
Application of such applications as RFID and barcode for surveillance of assets.
Use VR and AR to simulate the environment.
Use of neural networks for data analytics.
Smart systems that computerize administrative tasks.
Original and unique development Software and QA
System integration and management of software applications.
Control over IT infrastructure and Cloud operations.
Wide analysis
Accounting for possible risks


Data analytics and BI
Our competencies

Data analytics and BI

Digital transformation through artificial intelligence, data analysis, Internet of things and other technologies

Digital deposit

Downhole measurements and control associated with production models.

All sorts of forecast equipment, analysis and analysis of drilling

Application predictive analytics for minimizing cost and planning correction of equipment

Remote operations

Used method of telemetry for the formation of a control center for remote monitoring of the process

Basin modeling and seismic operations

Development of the representation of the geological structure using the modeling method.

Transport and Storage

Analysis of profitable resources in terms of resources deliveries and calculation of probabilities of occurrence of malfunctions.

Exploration and Exploitation

Automation of the learning process allows you to anticipate and assess the possibility of discovering a hydrocarbon field

Optimization of drilling and drilling operations

Statistical analysis of critical circumstances affecting the pace production and production volumes.

Recycling and Marketing

Anticipating the trends of modern market on the basis of the analysis of time series and the estimation as much as possible economically profitable price corridors.

Our competencies

We provide a full range of services for the development and support of software using Big Data, IoT and other technologies

Internet of Things (IoT)

Predictive analysis of IoT helps us with the control of data exchange between objects, resources and corporate systems at the stages of generation, transportation and changes.

Business Analytics (BA)

Creating models with a set of measures and parameters for performing group analysis data and maximally transparent representation of real processes.


Visualization of informativeness in 2D / 3D different values; The possibility of interactive interaction with arrays of information flow; The configuration that corresponds to the user requirements;


Accounting for position / data on the origin of materials and stocks; account of the situation in the moment of reading information from sensors and sensors; Control and optimization of purchase, sale of inventories and assets.