One of the participants of the World Economic Forum said that until 2023 the blockade, to ensure the state. services, will use advanced superpower.

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One of the participants of the World Economic Forum said that until 2023 the blockade, to ensure the state. services, will use advanced superpower.

And about 10% of the world's GDP will be generated with the help of a blockbuster. When this method is integrated, operating expenses will be reduced, temporary calculations will be reduced, risks will fall, and the probability of obtaining additional funds will increase.


Ensuring cybersecurity

Allatrack uses modern security methods and test strategies to increase the protection against fraud.

Reliable servers

Help in creating strong systems for e-government services that take under the dome infrastructure, application architecture, information and business logic insistence. From existing processes, we will create a list of automated inscriptions that will expand the service geographically and in the quantitative maintenance of the population.

Web and mobile applications for the public

We give users a service access key, focusing on UI / UX design decisions and decision making.

Big Data and Analytics

We will teach you to control the vast amount of raw information that your company combines and creates from its activities. From the archiving and structuring of data, we go back to creating forecasts and solutions for creating a risk model, which will simplify the decision-making and planning process.

Our specialization

Digital conversion
System integration
Control over data
Control of recognition (identification)
Predictive / prescriptive modeling
Risk Control
Improving transport systems
Minimizing the costs of housing and infrastructure services
Increase in the performance of public utilities
Strengthening health and reducing mortality
Optimizing security
Reducing the use of energy resources


Smart City and IoT
Security in the complex
Smart transport system

Smart City и IoT

The use of the "Internet of things" in the city increases the effectiveness in managing the transport system, the infrastructure of the city and housing and communal services, and provides support for a healthy and safe population.


Motor transport, controlled by a non-human, reduces the percentage of congestion of motorways and the number of accidents.


In the city there are thousands of buildings and engineering buildings, and the automation of collecting information on energy consumption in real time optimizes use.

Housing and communal services

Utilization of waste, control over public utilities, monitoring of the condition of water pipes and electricity, lighting in the streets.

Health and safety

The method of security control with the help of CCTV cameras and devices, which help to determine with the help of sensors non-standard actions to deter criminal movements.

Security in the complex

Constant monitoring

for objects of infrastructure, residential complexes and public places, places for various events using video cameras and sensors, the method of video analytics, "intelligent" processing of real-time video recording with violations and extraordinary event.

Observation of the work of communal workers

Reception of data of sensors and surveillance cameras, registration of actual data on the state of the infrastructure.

Assistance with industrial safety

Observation of hazardous production facilities.

Analysis of the situation

Creation of cards of state of emergency and creation of optimum decisions of operative reaction to force majeure.

Forecast of possible options

Creation of models on the basis of available information, the formation of options for pre-prepared measures.


Wireless-technologies and systems of constant information collection make it possible to optimize the control of patients with the identification of all possible deviations from the planned scenario for health reasons. Big Data is used in medicine to gather information about the symptoms of the formulation of diagnosis maps.

Formation of electronic bases

Formation of electronic bases of hospitals and polyclinics, patients, means of operative recognition and access to medicine

Creation of medical maps

Creation of medical maps of a wide range of data exchange between different medical institutions.

Patient flow control:

electronic queue, reception service, route specification for the patient, optimization and verification.

Remote control

Remote control over the patient using telemedicine, receptions in the form of videoconferences, operational diagnostics in a semi-automatic mode (for production and public places).

Automation of calling an ambulance

Smart transport system

Allatrack forms a strategy for traffic and its control, optimizes the development of the transport network, based on new data that is constantly updated. This information makes it possible to predict changes in the situation on the road, track traffic congestion and create algorithms for the work of roadside devices.

Intelligent video surveillance detects and notifies important events based on available video.

Video analytics systems interlace events, building them into a chain, which helps to accumulate enough statistics to prepare reports on the situation

Augmented reality to create a city of the future or to dive into the past with just a smartphone or tablet

Monitoring and control of public transport: monitoring the implementation of the delivered routes, improving traffic, anticipating the presence of public transport, information for passengers at stops

Adaptive control of traffic lights to reduce the number of traffic jams, ensure public transport is a priority. The method reads structural phenomena of street-road networks, works with forecasts about the parameters of the traffic flow.

Management of parking in the city or a separate facility (railway stations, air terminals, etc.) and the solution of all organizational, legal, administrative and engineering issues.

Automation of meteorological support to eliminate slipperiness on the roads in winter, operational and productive services.



If you use this technology, then unauthorized access to information about citizens will be impossible, since all data is written directly to the system.

Land cadastre management:

Significantly reduces the time needed for the transaction, optimizes operational processes, minimizes the risk of getting caught on scammers and allows for any errors in documents and transactions (transfer of rights), which makes the process itself reliable.

Digital identity, validation and registration of access rights:

The technology of a shared registry of solutions is used to authenticate and confirm access.

Electronic voting:

Creates a platform for voting in an anonymous manner that uses Blockchein and elliptical cryptography to ensure accuracy and accuracy of the result. The start code is available.

Public procurement and auctions

Here, the contract, the process and the result of the auction for the lease and sale of state estates are used. Subjectivity of decisions and juggling in the auction can be removed with the help of code.