Insuretech is a completely new round of IT solutions development in the field of insurance. This is both help to buyers, and tools for the activities of insurance professionals.Insurance companies around the world, and this is as much as 81%, trust insurtech-projects and invest in them.

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billion subscriptions in the IoT until 2021 (Gartner)


trust insurtech-projects and invest in them.


Insurance marketing

It contains several items, from research in the sphere of insurance companies' markets, insurance product analysis, in-depth consideration of forms and channels of insurance service promotion from the insurer to the potential consumer of services, analysis of competitiveness, its level.

Predictive analysis

This is an adequate disposal of available cash resources, improved communication between the client and the enterprise, an analysis of the advertising campaign to obtain information about its success.

Omnichannel insurance

These solutions in the insurance industry create unique offers based on customer information. Consumers also gain experience in working with any device.

Blockchain and data control

We use modern systems based on technologies that change the vector of development of financial services

What are we doing

Creating custom software
Introduction and personalization of industry solutions
Integration of business applications
Testing of IT systems in a complex
Maintenance of the created software and systems-heirs of insurance companies
Consulting and the development of digital strategies
The building of dedicated development, testing and service centers
Direct insurance
Mobile CRM service
Registration and maintenance of insurance contracts
Risk insurance
Life insurance
Control over the agent network and sales channels
Analysis and Big Data Omnichannel InsurTech solutions
Interaction with third-party services
Creating applications and UX
Functional integration of available information


Data analysis, AI
Internet of things

Below are the most advanced technology solutions used in insuretech projects

These are technologies that are in great demand, so they deserve special attention


microinsurance (3%)


blocking (4%)


P2P (4%)


robot-advisers (10%)


gaming (10%)


insurance for IoT (12%)


insurance based on use (13%)


large data and machine learning (20%)

Data analysis, AI

Digital transformation of insurance coverage thanks to telematics systems, artificial intelligence, data analysis, Internet of things and other technologies

The capture of scammers

insurance companies reduce the risk of fraud by searching for stereotypes in claims for payment of insurance compensation.

Risk analysis

By detecting a combination of certain factors associated with compensated claims, employees of the insurance company can reduce losses by agreement. Information about the client is required for better communication with him and for creating unique offers for the user.

Analytics foresight

Actuarial calculations, evaluation of information on insurance payments
Selection of tariff factors
Anticipation of capital inflow from trade in policies, their number
Forecasting the possibility of extending / signing new contracts

Risk analysis and life tables

Splitting objects into classes that belong to one or another risk group

Performing computational operations and creating function graphs for different models of distribution of all possible losses

Internet of things

Individual sensors

Individual sensors for monitoring vital signs, such as: pulse, number of steps, etc. These technologies are constantly progressing and every day more deeply monitor their health.

Sensors on vehicles

Sensors on vehicles that evaluate the user's driving skills, distance traveled by them, repetition and braking distance level.

Fixed sensors

Fixed sensors such as smart thermostats, alarms and hidden cameras also include production devices that control production processes.

Geographic information systems

Geographic information systems provide information about the geophysical, climatological and topographical state of the facility, in conjunction with GIS, modern tools such as "Dron" also operate, they share satellite imagery.


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