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Continuous changes in media consumption have disrupted traditional publishing and created an entirely new environment for digital media. We have reached a turning point, when the pace of implementation of machine learning in companies will grow steadily

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2020 year

the number of subscriptions to digital content can reach more than 680 million

2023 year

smartphone owners will use the device on average 65 times a day, which is 20% higher than in 2018.

We encourage the improvement of technology, business and marketing models through digital transformation to better attract the audience and ensure that partners are protected from misuse of business information, theft of intellectual property and the leakage of confidential information.

Allatrack helps customers stay relevant in a highly competitive digital advertising space. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of our business models, providing a unified approach to the distribution of content, engaging the audience, measuring sales and automating critical business processes


AR on the threshold of reality.

More than a billion smartphone users will create content augmented reality at least once in 2018. Innovative and evolving technologies. Blockchain, machine learning, in-depth training, AI, chatbots, IoT, VR and MR, Mobility, Cloud and much more to help you strengthen the innovation and effectiveness of your media business.


We deliver proven software solutions to help you optimize digital content and assets to facilitate comprehensive and intuitive detection, management, workflow, understanding and licensing

What are we doing

Architectural and technological consulting
Development and implementation of digital strategies
Omnicanal interaction with consumers
Software development for media and entertainment
Internet media platforms and applications for digital media
Consolidation of content and software for processing
Data Science / Processing large data
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
Mobile applications
Portal solutions
Sensors and IoT technology
Algorithms of machine learning and computer vision
Project management
Individual software development and QA
Blockchain solutions


Technological solutions

Technological solutions

Digital transformation of the media industry through artificial intelligence, data analysis, the Internet of things and other technologies

Business Intelligence System

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs in all areas of business

Transformation of content

Develop content and digital asset management systems that will help you quickly access digital resources.

Workflow management

Minimizes operational complexity and enables each to optimize processes and increase efficiency.

Digital Rights Management

Protection of content at the enterprise level, which helps control your intellectual property and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Reference systems

Analysis of user data with the possibility of providing personal recommendations based on AI

Create personal connections

Understand your audience on a more personal level with the help of Big Data


Individual and targeted approach to users, omniscience and video content make otherwise on marketing companies and new technologies.

Music industry

For the music industry, it is very important to be in a trend to generate revenue and help develop many tools that can help automate the relationship between musicians, publishers, distributors and other players in the music market.

Film industry

IPTV / OTT, streaming software, virtual and augmented reality, analytical solutions. Our knowledge provides scalability, wider reach of the audience, lower costs for data transmission and security of content.

Publishing house

Inventory management, sales and marketing tools, omnibus, reporting and analytics.Technological solutions of Allatrack make it possible to improve and expand their offers


Content management systems, multi-channel, cross-platform analytics, intellectual advertising. The new reality of the exponential growth of mobile consumption and the increasingly active competition create new problems for publishers and advertisers. To continue to thrive in the era of commercials at the local and program level, they are forced to rethink the existing business models.

Sports Industry

Professional league and team decisions, game analytics, broadcast and streaming, tickets, virtual and augmented reality.


5 Ways Big Data Plays a Major Role in the Media and Entertainment Industry

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