By combining data and new technologies, we create new products and services, optimize business efficiency, reduce the overall burden on various health systems and ultimately improve patient experience.

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2020 - 35 zettabytes - Data volume with a 44-fold increase since 2009

Data analysis and predictive models will help to identify patterns for higher customer loyality


of medical data are unstructured


Research and Consulting

Our experts help clients test new tools, technologies and concepts and determine whether they fit into their product vision and business goals

Business Analysis and Requirements Management

Thanks to the deep technological knowledge and understanding of the healthcare field, we ensure an effective comparison of needs in setting priorities and providing product functions.

Individual software solutions

We help our clients in defining the design level architecture, including design architecture, data infrastructure, to create an accelerated and reliable product development cycle, ensure uninterrupted delivery and shorten the time to market



Software creation and development of solutions to support research, data management, visualization and analytics, the ability of patients to manage their health

Analytics, effective algorithms and Big Data

Graph theory, pattern recognition, signal processing, visualization, spectroscopy, statistical modeling, biostatistics, molecular graphics.


Is new advances in technology that have great potential in addressing modern global health problems.

What are we doing

Architectural and technological consulting
Market research
Development of algorithms for processing biosignals
Experimental design
Data preparation and visualization management of hospital and clinic data
Algorithms for computer vision and language processing
VR and AR development
Development of custom applications
Integrated system integration
Individual software development and QA
Cloud operations
Information Security


Data analysis
Computer vision
Big Data in Pharmacy

Data analysis

Large data will form the basis of the second revolution in medicine. As of March 2018, all major pharmaceutical companies in the world have departments that collect and use real data on various diseases

Data collection

Thanks to IoT technologies and other medical indicators, it became possible to build models more qualitatively

Extraction of information

With the help of analytical models, it becomes possible to find the necessary attributes from unstructured data

Machine learning

We help develop solutions based on neural networks and computer vision for more effective patient intervention and monitoring

Intelligent Data Analysis

For effective solutions, our team uses a variety of algorithms and models for data processing

Computer vision

Automatic sorting and diagnosis of medical images without human intervention.

Improvement of the training sample

classification and increase the likelihood of diagnosis

Visualization of data

Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring


Numerical modeling and estimation of geometric parameters of spatial structure


New technologies and data sources, such as the Internet of things make it possible to optimize and automate the processes of the clinic.

IoT for the clinic

Wireless sensors for monitoring medical parameters

Smart hospital

control of the state of engineering systems, support of the microclimate taking into account the anamnesis of ward patients, energy efficiency, safety of the clinic, patients and personnel.

Individual software solutions

Individual software solutions

Build customer loyalty

We will help to ensure the availability of medical information at any time and anywhere, directly from your patient's devices while maintaining a high level of safety

Automation of processes

We will help you to facilitate laborious tasks, automating the key stages of medical laboratory diagnostics.


Safety of personnel, patients, visitors, Data and business security, Stability of the health facility, Safe operation with Iot devices

Big Data in Pharmacy

Big Data is a tool that opens up new opportunities for understanding how drugs work in real life

Creation of new medicines

modeling of new drugs. Development of services to assess the prospects for the development of new drugs.

Collection of clinical data on patients

Data analysis and predictive models will help to identify patterns for higher customer loyalty

Improving the quality of clinical trials

Telemedicine, wearable devices and other sources of data give researchers the ability to monitor in real time


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