In modern society, any activity related to the economy, one way or another, uses information technology. Companies engaged in metallurgy, involve such solutions in their field to the maximum. This includes the use of company resource control systems, analytics, telecommunications in various formats, solutions that determine the maximum data security.

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companies that occupy leading positions in the industry, plan to invest in the creation of analytical models in the next 5 years.


zetabyte of data will be by 2020, according to scientists.


Metallurgical fishing

This industry is constantly undergoing changes. Success in this business depends on productive and rapid management of all sorts of risks and competent communication with customers, as the market of this area is floating. Our task is to ensure the development of the IT infrastructure, to integrate the systems, as well as to accurately and correctly use the available data. Allatrack for these purposes is an up-to-date and effective method that helps to set up the right communication with the client, ensures maximum efficiency in informed decisions and production processes.

Risk Control

As the market of the industry is unstable, in conditions of fluctuating market and exchange rates, the client needs IT solutions, which give the maximum results, which enable him to react quickly to the situation and the market change. Joint solutions in control over risks, replenishment, currency and tolling operations are what we provide as services. A simple system of standardized automation of processes related to capital will help to achieve huge savings in time and money, which is spent on the registration of metals.

Optimization of trading operations

For high sales, you need to use data, which gives an advantage over competitors, in view of prompt reaction to market changes. If the profitability of operations is low, then the quality of the support and service services is in play.

Creating a productive supply chain with metal

For distributors, time is a valuable resource on which the profit of an enterprise directly depends. Dependence of income on the productivity of business operations and communication with consumers is obvious. We optimize the work on both the ground and in the region, using the maximum possible market area. This solution is suitable for large enterprises with complex logistics and special orders.

Accelerate your work

Correctly drawn up action plan is the key to the success of the metallurgical enterprise. When manufacturing metallurgical blanks, you must constantly monitor and maintain the level of available raw materials resources, supplementing the company with orders. We implement systems that improve planning at the company level, optimize the modeling and quality of control over the campaigns. Using productive supply and production data, we help to satisfy customers' requests.


Optimization of efficiency and the desire to reduce possible costs is the main driver of interesting projects. This is related to the safety of production. In view of this, both time-tested and new IT solutions with exact specialization are used in the sphere. Video surveillance ensures the safety of the shop: the system analyzes whether all employees wear protective helmets, monitoring all available video recordings at the enterprise in real time.

Maintenance and repair

Here, mobile devices and monitoring mechanisms are used that minimize the human factor on resource-intensive processes in production. A single information system, such as ERP or a budgeting mechanism or a system of production forecasts, also optimizes the performance of the employees of the enterprise.

Strengths of automated systems for the production of metallurgical products

Analysis and collection of data scattered by various sources from different automation stages, including signals from process control sensors, information about the movement of the product and material, orders, suppliers and distributors.
Creation of a single information field for structuring the hierarchy of production processes, which ensures transparency in tracking the products of the EP and the openness of the required data.
Rapid provision of data on any production processes at any stage, their structure and summary data on the forecast of simulation and regression processes. The model can be made using graphic components.
Production technologists, analyzing simulated models from different angles under the influence of various parameters on the productivity and quality of manufactured products, integrate models in production areas and store them in data archives, using them when necessary.
Ability to verify forecasts using experiments to produce a new technology.
Check the forecasts of the changing environment on the basis of real data and information coming in real time.
Creation of reporting on industrial incidents, including the causes of the incident and preventive measures to prevent force majeure.
Under the concept of simulation of models is meant and 3D visualization.
Uniqueness, absence of analogues.