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Modern consumer is informed, connected, easily changes sales channels and is not loyal to the brand

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Online - the fastest growing segment of retail (with a share of 10%)

Growth drivers - ease of maintenance, proximity to the customer and price



of online buyers are looking for information about the product in the smart phone, using the store as a «showroom», and then make an online purchase

% of online buyers use 3 to 7 or more channels to search for and purchase goods


Transformation of trade in shops

Uniqueness approach, client-oriented and mobile access

Forecasting and decision making in retail trade

Solutions Allatrack allow you to analyze customer behavior, the effectiveness of marketing actions, create operational analytics.


The Soft Data team introduces sensors to track the movement of goods through the supply chain and develops a block-based solution to improve the supply chain operation

Marketing departments

We analyze the behavior and preferences of the target audience (complex behavioral analysis)


Breakthrough technologies
Marketing and optimization

Breakthrough technologies

Use new technologies for competitive advantage

Robotics and automation

Automating storage and warehousing operations

Predictive analytics

Cognitive technologies allow us to find patterns and predict demand

Internet of Things (IoT)

New analytics at the physical level

Upright and drones

Fast delivery of goods

Computer vision

Allows to atomize and identify the location of goods

Augmented Reality

Unique interaction with the buyer

Automation and analysis of data

Infrastructure solutions

  • Dynamic modeling of the logistics infrastructure
  • Inventory planning and operations taking into account stores / warehouses as multifunctional objects

Integrated planning

  • Planning of personalized assortment, based on BIG DATA analysis
  • Integrated demand planning across all channels
  • store operations management

Marketing and optimization

We do not have standard packages of services, as we work individually with each client. The technologies of data analysis, computer vision and neuroscience will allow you to look at the process and optimization possibilities in a different way


  1. Improve the product and improve communication with the target audience with the help of neurotechnologies
  2. Eye-tracking testing design and usability sites
  3. Eye-tracking research design packages and promotional materials
  4. Analysis of the perception of video materials by users
  5. Comprehensive behavioral analysis
  6. Optimization of marketing campaigns
  7. Optimization of the branch network - GEO analyst
  8. Forecast of the dismissal of employees
  9. Big Data for Retail


  • The efficiency omnichannel exceeds online sales by more than 93%
  • The efficiency omnichannel exceeds offline sales by more than 208%
  • Conversion: + 40%
  • Traffic: + 97%
  • Sales: + 22%
  • Average check: + 33%


  • 17% increase in attracting new customers
  • 10% increase in profitability in the retail segment
  • 16% increase in profitability in the micro segment
  • 10-20% Reduction of rental costs over the network


Big Data and predictive analytics help to personalize the assortment, advertising companies, price offers, loyalty programs for every customer online

Key business tasks of retail property market participants

Increase the level of customer loyalty. Increase the conversion of visitors and buyers. Growth of turnover. Optimization of expenses.


6 Big Data Use Cases in Retail

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