Allatrack is the design, creation and integration of all kinds of information systems that make up the telecommunication, software, hardware and technology infrastructure. A rational approach to the customer's business problems and problems, many years of experience, allows Allatrack experts to successfully work on large-scale projects

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We know our business and understand the importance of telecommunication networks being an effective method of achieving the set goals of exponential potential and were able to create income revenues with modern services and innovative business models.


Engineering services for product creation

We use the accumulated experience in telecommunications to create projects and new software products. We develop plans and implement the latest products and their capabilities, prepare requirements and provide a complete service kit, starting with the idea and design, ending with the delivery and support.

machine learning

Identification of images, speech, patterns, etc. Statistical tasks, recommendations, etc.

Intelligent Systems

Allatrack increases the computational potential so that anyone can receive new information from existing data using products created for AI orders. Multi-level analytics, scam searching, customer evaluation, etc.


This is a distributed database without a specific location, which is in no way controlled by any authorities and has no confidence in the decentralized environment.

Internet of Things and Machine to Machine

The halo of our activity is hardware, firmware, Big Data, protocols, as well as analysis: mobile, external, internal and embedded.

Cross-platform development

Allatrack engineers are professionals in their field when it comes to such a method of creation. We can boast of extensive experience in performing services related to digital transformation for the Internet and mobile devices. Our specialists are engaged in software development in all areas of technology for internal uniform user interfaces.


Mobile Telecommunications Technologies
Telecommunication network solutions (BSS / OSS)
Omnichannel Telecommunications Platforms
Software development and application control - BSS / OSS systems:
Roaming, capacity, voice, mobile data, alarm, billing
Software and testing IREG, Monitoring, Repair
Large-scale network operations
Voice services
Remote Networking
Application Diagnostics
Service and Controlled Services
Models of customer behavior (outflow, development).
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):
Manage existing and newly created accounts
Work with price, financial, legal and technical obstacles
Increase in volume of voice traffic exchange
Establishment of telecommunication systems for cost control
Technology consulting
Models of customer behavior (outflow, development).
Sales management.
Financial and management reporting.
Risk management (antifrood).
Improvement of assortment and tariffing of services.


Business intelligence
Big Data
Block in the telecom

Business intelligence

To improve these operations, Business Intelligence technologies are used that provide productive access tools, the analysis of large amounts of information that exists in transactional systems or can be combined in data warehouses.


Basically, Data Mining is equipment that is used daily by expert analysts to discover hidden rules and regular things in large reserves.


Every year, the amount and volume of information in the world grows by about 40%, the problem is that it becomes chaotic and ugly, and requests for processing speed are increasing.

Reduction of infrastructure maintenance costs

costs (content enhancement and adaptation, optimization of loads of the core data network, intelligent traffic analysis and control systems, involvement of alternative energy (wind and solar generation) to power base stations and support services to identify target areas for improving networks.

Creating custom software

We design applications for the order, because not always for specific business tasks suitable ready-made software solutions.

Real Time Decisioning Marketing

Real Time Decision Marketing based on user behavior - the client, if desired, contacts the company through possible interaction options. Calls to the Call Center or registration on the site, etc.

The use of social networks

The use of social networks to obtain information about users, communication among themselves, as well as Text Mining - depth analysis of text, which with the help of algorithms can find unknown text data.

Social networks

Social networks are marketing communications; this channel makes it possible to identify 'opinion leaders'.


geo-targeting is a unique way of supplying content and / or the service of the exact location of the user. Technology is actively used in Internet marketing to display targeted advertising.

Blockchain in the telecom

A tool for transforming operators into a full-fledged Digital Service Provider, a similar solution will provide a position in an unstable market.


To facilitate the introduction of databases that require investments for integration, a hybrid block will help. Example - information for identification of subscribers in roaming.

Fraud management

Blockchain minimizes losses from fraud during barter information inside the network

Digital Identity and Data Control

Identity as a Service (a complex of digital identity and authentication in the form of service, implemented on a block of flats) is a way to find operators a new source of income. CSP is an outdated technology in terms of authentication, although it has enough information about subscribers. In this case, the blockage is such an archive of actions for identification.

M2M, IoT

The block creates an efficient and cost-effective self-managed network, which provides a secure P2P connection for IOT devices. Devices can 'communicate' among themselves and independently authenticate themselves through this method for managing production.