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We help to organize travel on a newly leveled use, using advanced technologies

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Allatrack is an assistant to enterprises from the tourism industry, which effectively copes with the tasks set

We offer the user individual technological conclusions that give progress and rapid growth.


billion - the number of travelers

Allatrack is an assistant to enterprises from the tourism industry, which effectively copes with the tasks set, such as, the effectiveness of the activity and compliance with the progressive requirements of the client. In fulfilling the requirements for consulting or creating, verifying or implementing, software services, we offer the user individual technological conclusions that give progress and rapid growth.

Allatrack-technology solves complex business problems. Therefore, this method is relevant for agencies related to tourism, because it combines industry knowledge, the latest technology in software development and a flexible supply model. We minimize the right time to enter the market for new products and raise quality using an economical approach, which allows the customer to focus only on the product in order to cater to the user's needs

Allatrack has knowledge about technical solutions for tourism in combination with culture, embedded engineering innovations, giving certain technological advantages that help to surprise your customers, exceeding their expectations.


Consulting and software

Allatrack assists in technological solutions and in the creation of software, platforms for searching, integration with representatives of tourism services.


The clearly planned architecture of UI / UX is the guarantee of a product that is a success. This method allows the product to realize itself in attracting customers.

Armored systems

Take under the dome all areas of tourism, tourist products (car rental, aviation, cruise, etc.) and basic attributes, including: multi-channel separation and inventory, pricing, capital control.

Data analysis

We use the advanced technologies of IT-sphere to increase the client's income. We are forming systems that improve profitability, reserves and pricing to increase the earnings of the client.

What are we doing

Micro support and third-party integration
Systems with high availability
Mobile applications for different platforms
Virtual reality solutions
Digital strategies and assistance in design design
Development of reservation and reservation systems
Omniconal customer service
Personalization of offers and services
Integration with GDS / CRS
Development and integration of loyalty systems, CRM solutions
Creation of API for access to OTA / HTNG-systems
Mobile applications
Translation, multicurrency, multilingual
Analysis and Big Data


Automation of the system
Machine learning

Automation of the system

This method of analysis allows the agency to orient in its niche and develop a rational plan of action for creating a confident communication with the tour operator, as precisely as possible to create effective advertising and evaluate its efficiency.

Analysis of the situation of the market

The system of search and booking of tours is the prerogative of the agencies-debutants. This method allows you to track which schemes tour operators quote, with which it is more profitable to lead a partnership.
Online booking assists in monitoring the status of applications from tour operators.

Automation of the insider workflow of the travel company

contains in itself documents that are especially important for travelers (a ticket, a cash receipt / outlay, a contract, a voucher, etc.), an analysis of the life cycle of the client's application.

Automation of communication

Automation of communication with the tourist operator - this is the design of the application forms, the system study of the application from the moment of its inception to the departure to the storage. To achieve this goal, online booking of tour operators, intra-office systems, system of finding and booking tours, etc. is used.

Automation of accounting

Use of accounting software. Often travel agencies, working on a simpler taxation scheme, use the services of audit firms, so the documentation is given only in its primary form. In this situation, the activities of the intra-office special software for calculating finance is quite enough.

Automate the analysis of information and obtain current statistics.

To make rational conclusions, the software used by the travel agency generates a sufficient amount of statistics showing the effectiveness of the work done by the enterprise for a certain time and revenues from applications by directions and tour operators.

How machine learning improves the tourism industry

The algorithm of machine learning promotes progress in the field, which, undoubtedly, increases the cash flow, and this, in turn, increases the profit of the enterprise.


Personalization of offers for the client gives the client the best options, based on his personal preferences.

Anticipation of price changes

Based on statistics, the system helps to predict the price changes of air tickets. The developers assure 95% of the accuracy of the forecast of price fluctuations. This algorithm allows the user to save up to 40% on buying air tickets

Travel agent service

At the moment, tour operators use a lot of resources to keep their call centers, which solve typical questions. The introduction of Media education technologies to help customers allows the company to save money, giving users a higher level of service due to the simplicity of staff training.

Bots in instant messengers

Travel agencies of our time use bots in their work in widely known instant messengers to provide information about tours. Useful bots are in the units of the tour. Travel, because they collect data from a variety of sources and make suggestions for customers on their preferences.


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