Big Data and AI

In combination with AI - artificial intelligence technologies, Big Data systems can increase the business efficiency of almost any sphere. The main aspects of the results of using these technologies are automation of processes, acceleration and improvement of analytics, as well as new opportunities for forecasting and planning.

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Definition of objectives and statement of tasks of Big Data technology in the client's business


Development of adaptive algorithms for modeling the target system Big Data


Collecting customer data and building on their basis the models of the future system


Testing the model and calculating the potential profit after its integration


Integration of Big Data technology into the enterprise, installation of the necessary technical base and software


Service and technical support, staff training with the Big Data technology



Machine learning and cognitive computing

Thanks to the algorithms of interaction between machine learning and artificial intelligence, business has an opportunity to automatically find innovative ways of development and ideas, as well as receive recommendations for simplifying decision-making.

Computer vision

Hi-End vision system. Streaming systems of recognition and video analytics

Natural language processing

Natural language processing technologies (NLP) simplify the interaction of personnel and technology. This allows you to optimize the operation of AI systems, automate the search for critical information and predict trends in the target industry.


This technology allows you to automate the service and communication with the client, which allows you to minimize costs and increase sales.

Neural networks

Neural self-learning networks allow you to analyze and generate large amounts of information, which helps to identify trends and behavior patterns of customers. Also, neural networks are used for systems of information recognition on images and video analytics.


Any kind of software required to work with artificial intelligence systems and Big Data technology.

Results and decisions

Formulation of recommendations

With the help of advanced analytics, you can determine the desires and requirements of customers. This will increase the influx of customers and the average cost of the product.


Your business will be able to analyze large amounts of data and on their basis simulate the consequences of certain elections and decisions.

Management of risks

Having implemented AI systems in the enterprise processes, you have an opportunity to instantly assess risks and successes, as well as predict trends in the market.

Optimization of production

Thanks to automation and better control of production processes, you will get new resources to increase the efficiency of your business

New ways in marketing

By working with data on user experiences and market analytics, you can create advanced advertising campaigns, as well as attract and retain more customers.


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