Welcome to the new era of information security, which was discovered by the technology "blockchain"! Over the past 10 years it s blockchain-development projects that represent the greatest interest and perspective not only for IT companies, but it can also bring tangible benefits to any business!

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Blockchain is a technology for distributing information on individual sections of the network, which allows you to protect data from any unauthorized actions. Even with physical access to one of the storage cells, an attacker does not have the ability to modify or destroy information without the knowledge of the other network members.

Allatrack offers its clients consulting, development and implementation of block chain technologies.

The technology of block chain will bring incredible prospects, if your business:

  • develops innovative technologies
  • engaged in remote trading or financing
  • exports goods for export and wants to get rid of bureaucracy and letters of credit of international trade


Advanced control

You will be able to control the security of information processes of voting, supply, data exchange and finance.

Block chain-programming

Our specialists have all the necessary skills to develop projects based on this technology, as well as experience in the development of decentralized systems, smart contracts and ICO.

Crypto-currencies and ICO

Thanks to the technology of block chain and the professionalism of developers, your business can create its own crypto currency, integrate it with payment tools and accumulate the capital of the digital age.


The responsibility for compliance with security protocols for full confidence in the security of valuable data of your business lies with the professionalism of the system developers. Soft Data guarantees to you that your business will be protected from attacks and interferences by intruders.

Allatrack is developing in the following areas:

Writing block-coded codes (smart contracts)
HyperLedger Fabric data usage
Data protection
Network settings
Migration, compilation, packaging and correlation management using Fabric Chaintool platforms
Multi-level testing and audit of block systems
Simulation and forecast of tokenization and initialization
Implementing development in secure nodes
Creation of safe emission stores
Creation of "cold" and "hot" storage systems

Our advantages

Creating a foundation

Allatrack company can not only integrate block technology technologies, but also conduct technological, financial and legal consulting on the creation of business and enterprises on the basis of block chain technologies.

We cover many spheres

Our specialists have experience in developing and implementing new technologies in many areas for which block chain technologies are of interest: Internet of things, software development, marketing, analytics and databases, information security.

Professionalism and technology

We own innovative developments in the areas of Machine Learning, ICO, Internet of things, Big Data and many others. In a complex with block chain technology, they will bring your business new opportunities for business development and entering new markets.


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