Business Intelligance

Our company is engaged in the development and implementation of "Business Intelligence" - a complex process of collecting, processing and analyzing information with the subsequent selection of the most optimal solution to the problem and the path of development. The indicator of the success of implementation of the implementation of Business Intelligence is the increase in staff efficiency, the optimization of production, the improvement of product quality and the acceleration of business processes in the enterprise.

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To create a single information structure that continuously collects and analyzes information from all sources, the architecture of the system must be scrupulously designed in advance


Using the technical task approved with the client and the results of the previous stage, we develop


During the implementation phase, Allatrack makes technical equipment, adjusts and installs the necessary software for full-fledged operation of the System




OLAP tools allow you to perform data analysis on different dimensions. OLAP tools make it easy to view and manage multidimensional data coming from server resources. Some of these products have the ability to download cubes, for offline use.

BI applications

Desktop software for solving specific problems: market analysts and sales forecasts, financial flows calculation, trend analysis. They are used to increase the efficiency of enterprises.

BI Platforms

BI-platform is a complex of various tools and tools for designing, creating, implementing and servicing BI applications. These are applications with downloaded data and management interfaces.

Data Mining

Data Mining or Data Intelligence is the process of searching for dependencies, correlations, trends and relationships in large volumes of information

Results and decisions

Minimizing costs

Using Business Intelligence systems in business, you will discover new ways of development and modernization, inefficient costs and costs, and also be able to respond instantly to market changes. This will serve as a basis for further optimization and modernization of your enterprise.

Advantages for negotiation

Thanks to the developed analytics and data visualization tools, during the negotiations you will have the resources to rationally evaluate the relations with suppliers, customers and partners.

Making decisions

Having the data obtained with the use of Business Intelligence systems, you simplify the adoption of important business decisions by modeling and forecasting their consequences.

Indication of weaknesses

Analyzing the data of your business, you determine the defects and weaknesses of your company, which will help to increase efficiency and circumvent competitors.