Cloud & Devops

Your company is developing and growing so that spending on software and equipment exceeds what is expected? Allatrack company offers a wide range of devops-solutions for the implementation of cloud technologies to save money on the infrastructure of your business without loss of efficiency!

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Cloud solutions allow corporate users to create a virtual storage space and operations with data of any size, without being dependent on the physical infrastructure of the enterprise. They combine solutions that relate to the hardware and hardware resources needed to work with software, communication channels, and the maintenance and service of the created system.

Thanks to the use of the DevOps method, Allatrack develops the most effective and high-quality solutions, taking into account the specifics of the client's business and taking into account the smallest details during the work. DevOps is a methodology for developing IT products that unites the work of software developers, testers and people responsible for maintenance of the project in a single process. Using the DevOps-method of creating solutions, we optimize the work process at the junction of the areas of development and use, increase the productivity of the development team.


Our experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your company's systems


Project selection and financial calculation of profitability


Development of a transition strategy


Transition and integration of the solution


Service of the cloud system



Rent a virtual server

A data center built in the cloud represents servers, disks and storage with access through the network. A self-service portal is created, data management and information operations are carried out. This solution allows you to fully control all information resources located in the cloud, regardless of the provider of communication and hardware.

Virtual office

The workplace can be organized not only on a specific computer, but also in the virtual space. Inside the cloud service, the company's internal network is modeled: network drives, shared folders, programs and applications. Virtual office replaces the usual stationary work positions and allows employees to perform their duties with access to the network.


The ability for a private virtual data warehouse designed to store data in emergency situations. The backup system can be configured for the current amount of data, which reduces the time and financial costs of the backup process.

Hybrid Cloud

This solution represents the possibility to connect a private cloud to the public cloud system of the provider, to unload its own capacities in the intensification of operations - for example, during the formation and delivery of reports. All currently non-critical processes are transferred to the provider's cloud, and then returned back. This allows you to optimize processes in your own cloud.

Catastrophic resistance

The complex of individual solutions to ensure the stability of the data storage system combines several cloud services with access to several access points to the network. The security of information is provided by means of automated cross-backup.