Allatrack specialists, who have wide, long-term practical experience in advanced IT projects, offer consulting services for your business. Starting from the analysis of the market with the technological audit of your development and ending with consulting the full cycle of the strategy for creating, developing and promoting your enterprise - among the wide range of our services you will find exactly what will help your business become stronger and more profitable!

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Consulting is a complex process of analyzing the target problem, with the subsequent design and development of a strategy for the most effective and optimal solution with the maximum benefit and minimum risks. For companies, this service is most relevant during the adoption of business decisions, the implementation of responsible projects that require additional intellectual resources, as well as the introduction of new technologies, the processes of reforming the enterprise and entering new markets.


Preparation and analysis







Technology audit of business

Based on the client's goals, we formulate suitable IT-solutions and strategies for their use. The effectiveness and relevance of investments in new IT solutions, and the adequacy of technological support are calculated. The existing material and technological resources of the target company are taken into account, and the results of the audit can be used to assess the compliance of the client's business with current market requirements.

Development and selection of strategy

To maximize the effective development of your IT company in a given direction, our experts develop recommendations for the development and implementation of innovative IT solutions and technologies. Take into account the current trends and developments of the sphere, specific aspects of the target company, a thorough analysis of already used systems and approaches is carried out. The economic benefit from implementing the strategic development options of the company is calculated.

Consulting with technology integration

Allatrack specialists will develop a reliable and secure information security system, create a well-designed network and communications design for trouble-free operation. Applying for help during the implementation of information technology at your company to our company, you can count on maximum efficiency of further development work, as well as the absence of interruptions and malfunctions in its operation.

Audit of equipment and software

To match technical equipment with modern requirements, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis and inventory of the server part, databases and information resources, server logs, as well as licenses and the smooth running of the software of your enterprise.

Consulting when making business decisions

Each IT company has a period of crisis, stagnation or responsible choice of the further development path. Most often, to solve problems and achieve success, it is necessary to reform the structure, technological systems or business model. Allatrack specialists will assess the possible risks and prospects of the target business, and then make forecasts of future developments and help the client protect his interests.

Results and decisions

IT consulting is an effective tool for an objective and accurate assessment of the company's technological assets, as well as finding new promising ways of development and ways of solving current problems. Consulting company Allatrack will help you:

  • Evaluate the information systems at the enterprise for relevance and compliance with market requirements
  • Organize productive work of IT-business structures
  • Create an effective information structure and evaluate its profitability
  • Select and implement the most relevant IT solutions and developments
  • Optimize information business processes and find ways to increase their payback