The implementation of all projects is based on increasing the efficiency of operational processes, creating new business models and their scalability for our customers.

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In combination with AI

technologies of artificial intelligence, Big Data systems can increase the efficiency of business in virtually any sphere. The main aspects of the results of using these technologies are automation of processes, acceleration and improvement of analytics, as well as new opportunities for forecasting and planning.

Digital Transformation

a set of processes to change the structure of business in the modern digital economy and the information age.

Interface Design

User experience is a user experience when using your product. Therefore, the consumers emotions depend on good UX design, because he makes the site as understandable as possible for use.

Cooperation with us

We are always open for cooperation with other technology companies who want to implement innovative solutions

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Knowledge and international experience

We combine traditional and up-to-date technologies, including blocking (distributed database technology), machine learning and IoT (Internet of things).


insights and resources


Allatrack helps global companies Fintech develop innovative solutions in the field of financial technologies.

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By combining data and new technologies, we create new products and services for solving modern global health problems

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Retail & Distribution

Solutions Allatrack allow you to analyze customer behavior, the effectiveness of marketing actions, create operational analytics.

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We contribute to the development of innovative solutions in the field of autonomous transport

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Individual approach to each client

the Allatrack team uses the most advanced methods of managing resources and processes when creating software, while providing the Customer with a quality software product.

Processes and Approach