Internet of Things

Internet of things - the concept of a network consisting of many devices equipped with sensory systems, controlled by means of nodal centers

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By 2021

global costs for IoT will be


trillion $

By 2020

the Internet of things will have about


billion smart devices.

Internet of things - the concept of a network consisting of many devices equipped with sensory systems, controlled by means of nodal centers. By connecting to a common network, data packets received by measuring and sensor systems for further analysis are exchanged between devices, and remote control is possible over all or each device separately.

The Internet of things is based on the technology of industrial networks (m2m) - the interaction of machines with each other. This technology is used by all leading enterprises in the fields of telecommunications, mining, metallurgy, logistics, medicine, engineering and many others. To build such networks, the channels of standard Internet, Ethernet, Wireless (Wi-Fi), and also cellular networks GPRS / EDGE / CDMA / UMTS / HSPA + / LTE are used.

Allatrack can help your business with the development and production of necessary equipment, as well as the introduction and maintenance of the Internet of things. This will increase production efficiency and open new opportunities and prospects for your business!

Examples of areas of use of the Internet of things


Movement sensors on automated public transport, the interconnection of traffic lights and cameras, automatic cleaners and advanced navigation systems - all this and much more helps save the city's budget, as well as improve the safety and comfort of citizens.

Agricultural sector

Humidity and saturation of soil minerals, plant condition, maturity of fruits and much more - these factors can be shifted to the responsibility of the Internet of things. While instruments with sensors monitor the indices of plants and soil, and fields patrol the sharp drones from the sky, agronomists can tackle other problems and tasks.


The introduction of the Internet system of things in hospitals and hospitals will prevent serious complications of diseases, timely diagnose hidden diseases, as well as save lives for many patients. By connecting medical devices to a common network, doctors can monitor the status of many patients in real time and react to their changes in a timely manner.


Surveillance cameras with the function of face recognition, a system of interconnected checkpoints, automatic speed bumps on the roads - all this became possible thanks to the Internet of things.


By monitoring production equipment with sensors, it becomes possible to collect information for further analysis and making decisions regarding the modernization of equipment. The introduction of the Internet of things in production provides an opportunity to increase its efficiency, reduce waste to repair breakages and reduce the amount of production costs.

In fact, the Internet of things can find its application in any sphere of human activity. The main thing is to develop a concept that suits your business or enterprise. And Allatrack specialists will be happy to help you with this!

Solution Advantages

  • Remote control of equipment and systems, collection of sensor indicators in real time and at a distance from direct production
  • Roaming control of objects connected to the system. Remote detection of device parameters and status
  • Cost management. Monitoring of charges, limiting costs, simplifying the formation of financial reports
  • Rapid response to crises and emergencies
  • Automation of reporting and production control, control of operations
  • Increasing the efficiency of production and profitability of the enterprise due to automation and modernization of processes


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