Digital marketing

Nobody likes advertising in its pure form, people like beautiful stories, BBDO can create them. The stories created by us, can fall in love with people in the brand.

We are developing a strategy, design and communication by one large team.

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We offer ideas for brand optimization

We find creative solutions for your business, because any marketing project has creative potential, which we can correctly implement.
Entrepreneurship and creativity is a force that moves the process of creation. It does not matter what exactly you want to create: a space for trade, a rock concert, a residential area, a book, new brands, accessories for cars, clothes. The main aspiration is to come up with new solutions..
- We make the project name
- We create platforms (web sites, applications, public services in social networks)
- We develop the above directions by content and communication.
There is no exact definition of marketing, there are more than 140,000 designations. But, speaking in general, then:

the process of management, where people jointly create a product and exchange it to achieve goals, and there is marketing.
We use three main ways: marketing, creative, technological

1) Neuromarketing

We analyze the complex behavior and preferences of the target audience for a competitive advantage.

2) Integrated promotion (SEM)

These are all existing types of online advertising in the form of one service for its user. With the help of complex promotion you can attract new customers to your site.

3) Chat bots

For advertising in the messenger future.

4) ICO

Promotion of projects using block technology.

5) Big data

Creating an accurate portrait of the consumer

6) Using Omnical Marketing

Development of a unique user experience of channels and devices.


Research in marketing

Understanding the desires of customers, helping our clients to rationally analyze the preferences of the Target Audience. As a result, we provide the customer with reports with recommendations. We use all kinds of tools and techniques for research, we conduct: focus groups, express polls, surveys of large groups of people, content analysis.

SEO-promotion of sites

This is the main tool for getting the target audience (CA) in Google and Yandex search with maximum efficiency.We carry out SEO-promotion, using only legitimate methods, not contradicting the policy of search engines, so you should not be afraid of protective sanctions. We determine the most effective keywords on each site, which gives the customer the target audience.


Promotion in social networks (SMM) creates a communicative field with existing and potential users.Our specialists form and correct the image, manage the reputation and form the growth of demand, provide feedback to the target audience.

Contextual advertising

This is an evolving form of advertising on the Internet, makes it possible to place text, graphic advertisements in search of Google, Yandex, on partner sites in accordance with the content of ads.

Reputation Management (SERM)

Increase in the number of positive and decrease bad reviews about services, website and company.


Advertising viruses

The use of viral marketing involves the use of a variety of "advertising viruses" and solutions. And such advertising is quite effective.

Crowd marketing

The progress of sales and trust from customers because of good reviews. Launch of the company on crowd-hosting services.

Content marketing

Is the growth of loyalty from customers, as well as the creation of a leader image among competitors, because you not only sell the product, but also help to make a choice, solve service problems, give advice.

Video marketing

Comprehensive actions aimed at the PR of a product, service or brand of an enterprise with the use of video.


The creation of the name of the enterprise on the Internet. PR-marketing is the analysis of interaction with the site, new visitors. Optimization of the web page, its improvement from the visual point of view and improvement of indexing in the search engines.

Results of work

  • Improving the visibility of sites in search engines
  • Growth of sales on the site
  • Top places in the search for Yandex and Google
  • Growth of the target audience
  • Increase in the number of calls and orders
  • Minimizing sales dependency on seasonal fluctuations
  • Reducing advertising costs
  • Reducing the cost of one visitor to the site
  • Reducing the cost of attracting one customer