Mobile Development

App Store offered more than 2 million applications, and Google Play more than 3.5 million during its existence. According to various estimates, until 2022, the monetary turnover in the mobile applications will be $ 6.3 trillion.

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Given all the above factors, it is advisable to create mobile applications from corporations and companies based on iOS and Android. A unique application gives the company certain advantages in business.

We are well versed in our field of activity.

Field of activity
Stages of development

We study the project


Analyze all possible outcomes in the interaction


Rules of use are taken into account when creating design solutions


We guarantee stable operation


We use different devices to check


We study the state of the product after the release


Market analysis


Technical task




Creation and testing


Release and service



Planning an application

Designing the main idea, decision in monetization, strategic PR project.

Development of sample application templates

We are developing a possible type of project at the initial stage of development

Creation of an individual project design

Experienced designers give the project a unique appearance.

We develop add-ons for sites

We offer services to create applications that complement the site of the enterprise. These solutions have a convenient interface for performing the main tasks: accounting system, ordering, questioning.

Development of independent applications

Applications that use machine learning and analytics. We create independent applications of any level for Apple-technology.


After completing work on the application, we help with its publication in the Appstore for download and installation by the user.

Privileges in business

Innovative opportunities

The mobile solutions market is in a state of constant growth..

Product search

There is a stereotype that smartphone users only do that they play games and sit in social networks. But this is not so perfect, 49% of people using smartphones are searching for products from their mobile devices.

Sales growth

If you believe the statistics, then sales through the mobile Internet are still quite high. 53% of users make purchases from their phones at least once a month.

Progress in the growth of orders

88% of users sitting on mobile devices buy things in 24 hours. Approximately 70% order through android within an hour.


The client can always use your services, since the phone with the application is always at hand.

Increase Target Audience

A very large percentage of users (72%) selects programs based on android systems, and a month the user downloads about 25 applications. If the user is the owner of the technology from Apple, then the applications used by them acquire considerable prestige. Professionals will create a solution that will bring you and your business tremendous success, since IOS users pay for comfort.

Comfortable monetization

The program can be either paid or contained through internal micro transactions.

Progress in sales growth

Users often shop because they love it.

Expanding the audience, its scope

Target audience and potential clients.

Minimum price of contacts

Greater benefit than from traditional media.