Neuro Lab

The company Allatrack is engaged in research and development in the field of neuromarketing - a set of methods for analyzing consumer behavior to further use the data obtained in order to increase sales.

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of purchase decisions are made unconsciously

Our specialists use innovative neuroscience discoveries to create solutions that can provide your business with methods of managing consumer activity.

The main task of neuromarketing is to understand the subconscious processes of consumers and on their basis to develop marketing techniques and strategies

Examples of methods and research

Functional magnetic resonance imaging

Subjects are shown product design, advertising images or product placement on store shelves, give a taste of its taste, smell, texture, etc. Using the device fMRTT researchers get a picture of the processes of the inner layers of the brain - those that are responsible for emotions and subconscious reactions.


As in the previous method, there is an effect on different sensor systems of the consumer, but this time an electroencephalograph is used. He records the electrical activity of the brain, which also allows you to trace the subtle changes in the psychoemotional state and attention of the subject.

Tracing of physiological processes

When a person sees, hears, smells or smells, changes in his breathing rate, rhythm of heartbeat and sweating occur. These changes are recorded, analyzed and used to create the most attractive product.


To develop the most visually attractive product and advertising, the technology of registration and analysis of visual focusing on certain elements of their appearance is used.
Also in their development we rely on psycholinguistic methods, experiments with a lie detector and technology of tracing mimicry. In addition to practical experiments, we use innovative discoveries in scientific fields:

  • Neurobiology
  • Neuroeconomics
  • Neurosemantics
  • Neurosemiotics
  • audio-branding
  • aromomarketing

These and other studies allow the creation of developments that subtly and strongly affect sensory systems - vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste buds.

Results and decisions

In the digital environment and classical advertising, visual content is the main method of influencing the mass audience. With the help of neuromarketing solutions, you can create a design for the appearance of the product and its advertising, which causes the most effective response and the emotions you need.

Correctly selected music for the advertising video will delay the viewer's attention on it and increase the conversion. Aromatization of the internal premises of an institution or shop will lead to increased sales and an influx of customers, as well as properly selected music. Continuing can be endlessly - worldwide brands and companies use neuromarketing tools, repeatedly increasing sales. Use the services of Allatrack and build an effective marketing strategy that is not inferior to the market leaders!