Product engineering

Soft Data Company is engaged in a full cycle of Product engineering - the process of design and development of an IT product "on a turn-key basis". Our specialists will form the final concept of development and ensure its productivity, quality, reliability, convenience of service and maintenance. Depending on the specifics of your order, the engineering process may include other services of our company.

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Together with our specialists, the client determines the goal, the general concept and the architecture of the project.


Starting the development, we define the architecture of the project elements, their interrelation, create a variation of designs and coordinate the result with the product promotion strategy.


Starting to create a design, we take into account the wishes of the client and the usability criteria of the future result of the work


A team of experienced testers, using various test methods and scenarios, examines and tests the program code and design of the project.


Within the agreed time after the launch of the product, we provide the service and its full support.


Results and decisions
for business


Designing the product from 0, Allatrack takes into account the modern world trends and requirements of modern users. Thanks to the work of our developers and designers, the output always produces a unique, innovative and convenient development. This will help to bypass competitors and gain a foothold in their positions for a long time.


An extremely important stage of work on the project for us is its testing. The team of experts using various scenarios and testing methods scrupulously examines the code, design and usability of the product, so that it will be released in a fully debugged and working way.

Save time and money

Ordering Product engineering from the company Allatrack, you repeatedly simplify the way to achieve the goal. You just need to give our experts an idea and a concept, and we take care of everything else!

Our advantages

Full cycle

Starting with the formation of the concept of the project and ending with its technical maintenance after the implementation - Allatrack has all the necessary resources for each of the development stages.

Machine Learning & AI

Allatrack uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks when developing new products. Our innovative technological knowledge and a wide range of IT specialists are at your disposal!

Experience in many areas

Allatrack specialists have a wide range of knowledge and experience in many areas: financial, industrial, telecom, entertainment and others. Thanks to this, we can provide quality Product engineering services for any business.

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