R&D and Innovation

Every company that wants to have high competitiveness and a stable position in the market must invest in technology; constantly modernize its systems of enterprises and the architecture of business processes.

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The development and implementation of innovations is something Allatrack understands at the highest level. After all, the world of IT is changing too quickly to excel in it without an effective and smooth development of innovative technologies, as well as research in promising and relevant areas!

Research and Development is a set of processes aimed at creating innovative developments to improve the efficiency of an enterprise and, consequently, increase profits. The team of R & D specialists of Allatrack company carries out consulting services on introduction of existing advanced technologies for business, develops innovative products to customer's order, and also carries out research activities in many promising areas.

Areas of research

Product engineering

Specialists of Allatrack are engaged in the full cycle of creating an innovative product, starting with the analysis of the actual problem, creating an idea for its solution and ending with the technical implementation of the development. We will conduct all the necessary research and testing, ensuring productivity, quality, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Internet of things

Allatrack can help your business with the development and production of necessary equipment, as well as the introduction and maintenance of the Internet of things. Internet of things - the concept of a network consisting of many devices equipped with sensory systems that interact with each other, the outside world and the user.

Digital transformation and creation of transformation platforms

Digital transformation is a system of processes for modifying business structures in the conditions of the modern digital economy and information era. Allatrack is engaged in consulting changes in the structure of the enterprise, developing tools to increase the value of the product, as well as the introduction of new technologies.

Big Data

In combination with the technologies of artificial intelligence, Big Data systems can increase the efficiency of business in virtually any sphere. The main results of using these technologies are automation of processes, acceleration and improvement of analytics, as well as new opportunities for forecasting and planning.


Blocking is a technology for distributing information on individual sections of the network, which allows you to protect data from any unauthorized actions. Also, thanks to the technology of blocking, your business can create its own crypto currency.


Neuromarketing is a set of methods for analyzing consumer experience for further use of the data obtained in order to increase sales. Our specialists use innovative neuroscience discoveries to create solutions that can provide your business with methods of managing consumer activity and increase income.


Experience in many areas

Allatrack specialists have a wide range of knowledge and experience in many areas: financial, industrial, telecom, entertainment and others. Thanks to this, we are able to conduct high-quality research to solve a variety of tasks and develop innovative products, taking into account the specifics of the customer's order.

Full cycle

Starting from the formation of the concept of the project and ending with its technical maintenance after implementation - Allatrack has all the necessary resources for each of the stages of developing innovative technology

Machine Learning & AI Allatrack

Machine Learning & AI Allatrack uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks in the development of technology and during research. Wide technological knowledge and experienced IT specialists of our company are at your disposal !.