Data and internal information of a modern company is no less valuable asset and desired production for competitors than its capital. Allatrack offers your business a wide range of services and solutions for digital security. We are ready to integrate ready-made individual designs or to provide complete security of the enterprise "on a turn-key basis".

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The losses from cybercrime in 2019 will exceed

$2,9 trillion

and the cost of cyber insurance is

$7,5 billion

The creation of an integrated information security system includes:

Hardware and Server Security

Development of network security solutions aimed at ensuring the protection of data exchange between the company's hardware modules. It includes network screening, setting up secure channels, displaying and eliminating the weaknesses of servers and computers.

Antivirus protection of software and communications

Monitoring of potential sources of threats and malicious information, protection against various types of cyber attacks, antivirus protection of servers and users' computers. Complemented by centralized filtering of corporate communications from spam and external interference.

Control of intracorporate operations with data

In order to exclude the possibility of undesirable actions from within the corporate system, we use technologies to detect suspicious activity and prompt reaction to them. Also, advanced systems for user authentication and account control are being developed.

Data backup

To minimize damage due to malicious actions, backup copies of data using cryptographic protection tools are created.

Integration of blocking technologies

To ensure maximum safety of data, we use their decentralization and division into separate blocks.

Our solutions will provide your business with:

  • Preservation of internal data and control of internal corporate information flows
  • Rapid threat identification and risk assessment
  • Recovery of lost or unauthorized altered data
  • Impossibility of unauthorized access to enterprise systems
  • Analysis of actions and behavior of network users
  • Creating secure remote access paths to data warehouses on demand
  • Protect the integrity of the system and identify its weaknesses