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For the qualitative and effective development in any sphere of business and production, it is necessary to introduce relevant information technologies. One of the specializations of Allatrack is the creation of software for performing various tasks and solving the emerging problems of information direction of any complexity. The wide experience of our specialists in creating software for various areas allows us to create software products that can optimize the work of an enterprise of almost any scale and scope of activity, and also increase your profit.

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Among Allatrack soft-cases, there are universal multitasking applications, as well as specialized products for solving specific tasks of the target area. Also our specialists and software engineers are engaged in adapting the already existing software according to the requirements of the client. We can supplement or change the functionality of applications to solve specific narrow tasks. Also among the range of our services is the creation of a user interface design for applications in the corporate style of the client company.

Thanks to DevOps development methodology, software testers and adapters are familiar with the target product in parallel to the development stage, which allows for advanced monitoring of project implementation. Thanks to this, the efficiency and quality of the works carried out and the highest level of service are increased.


Corporate Portals

Allatrack develops a full cycle of integration of portal solutions, thanks to which your business will have operative access to databases and corporate applications, and also helps in debugging processes of work with corporate information.

Web applications

We create the most effective tools for doing business through the network. In the spectrum of our services - the development of trading platforms and online stores, sites for booking and ordering services, social networks and media platforms.

Electronic document management

Development of electronic document management systems: corporate document management, ORD, support for the sales process, management, financial and analytical accounting solutions.

Online commerce

Development of interactive multi-tasking projects for trading platforms, payment systems, as well as adapting ready-made solutions to the specifics of your business.


Development, adaptation and integration of CRM-systems and their individual modules, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM technologies and SalesForce CRM modules.

Data Quality Management

Creation of tools for data quality management on the basis of SAP, Microsoft, Talend products. Development of unique applications for managing the quality of data under the order.

Streaming Media

Allatrack specialists have experience in developing media projects of various sizes and themes, from mobile applications to a full-scale content distribution network.

Automation of processes

Routine processes can be automated, and the human resource is released for creative and responsible work. Our specialists are able to create a tool that will generate a variety of design options or prepare a thousand sheets of documentation at the touch of a button. This is achieved through the use of machine learning and neural networks

Solution Advantages

Experience in many areas

Allatrack specialists have a wide range of knowledge and experience in many areas: financial, industrial, telecom, entertainment and others. Taking into account the specifics of your business, we are able to create such a software product that will maximally effectively solve the problems and tasks of your enterprise.

Full cycle

Starting with the formation of the concept of the future application or program and ending with each stage of its testing - Allatrack company has all the necessary resources to ensure that the final product is stable and maximum productive.

Machine Learning & AI

Allatrack uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks to develop software products. Thanks to this, the quality of our software outstrips the development of competitors and is able to provide your business the same!


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