Transformation platforms

Allatrack is engaged in the development of transformational platforms, as well as consulting the process of digital transformation of enterprises

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Collection and analysis of client experience


Development and implementation of monitoring systems for client experience for further personification of proposals, modernization of promotion


Transformation of corporate structure


Implementation of technologies aimed at working with data and development in a digital environment


Designing digital business models



Transformation Customer Service

Today, the seller is fighting for the buyer, and not the other way around. Therefore, customer focus, work on the reputation of the company and improving the quality of the product - in priority. To achieve these goals, methods of analytics, forecasting, neuromarketing and adaptation are used. Only with this approach your business can effectively respond to market changes and adapt to the rapidly changing external world.

Working with data

Big Data (you can insert a hyperlink to a page with it) these days is an indispensable tool for using information that builds the modeling of customer behavior, predicts the success of projects, modifies and modernizes products or services. The implementation of Big Data in business can be conditionally divided into 3 main stages: Collection and classification of information; Decision-making based on data analytics; Use of data management tools in the daily workflow.


With the help of the development of the communication system, the business has an opportunity to discover new ways of development and sales markets through partnerships and collaborations with other companies and companies. Due to this interaction, both partner enterprises receive mutual benefits and are accelerated in development.


Due to open access to information and a variety of communication channels, enterprises have an opportunity to intensively search and test new solutions to business problems, ways of development and opportunities to optimize production.

Value Management

The use of the Internet radically changed the model of the market for services and goods. The consumer now prefers to be able to buy the product around the clock, remotely and quickly. By improving its business model, production structure and quality of service with a digital environment, the company increases the value of its product.

Digital Culture

Changing the internal corporate culture and structure is an integral part of the transition of business to a new era. With the advent of new technologies, new professions are emerging, with the emergence of new professions - new departments and departments. Openness to change, innovation and maximum adaptability become the priority values of most companies.

Results and decisions
for business

Soft Data for each client is suitable individually, depending on the specifics of the business and the goals set before the transformation. In general, as a result of a successful digital transformation, your business receives:

The output of communication with customers to a qualitatively new level
Improvement of the company's interaction with data volumes, new opportunities for its analysis and further application
Increasing production efficiency
Increasing the quality of services and products, lowering costs and costs
Increase of the capital and market value of the company, increase in the value of its property and products


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