Allatrack is a team of specialists realizing potentially lucrative and curious projects for the user. Together with the clients we create individual projects and box solutions with a minimum number of settings..

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The percentage growth rate (in terms of CAGR) from 2017 to 2022 will be


Our activity is the development of VR and AR technologies, intelligent surfaces and projection technologies, digital systems of personalization and cooperation, robotics, etc.

We create projects in VR and augmented reality, unique content with an orientation to customer requirements. Professionally present your product, thereby impressing customers, investors and CA (target audience).





Technical task








Developing areas

Creating programs for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows MR, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream
Create applications for iOS and ANDROID platforms, Facebook camera effects
Creating projects for MR-glasses Meta 2 and Microsoft Hololens.
Creation of three-dimensional models and animations
Creating a video for virtual reality
Tools for playing virtual reality content
Photos and videos using 360
Technologies of museums and architecture
Architecture Projection
VR and AR technology
Maximum visualization using models
Creating computer models
Three-dimensional simulation
Creation of software and hardware systems in a complex
Strategic thinking and creativity
Consideration of tasks and creation of communicative strategies with Central Asia
Service of virtual reality projects


Growth of branding and marketing practice

The withdrawal of marketing campaigns to the highest level with the creation of attractive VR-applications. Getting branded applications with an assessment of your goals and needs, which gives a communicative growth between existing and potential customers.

Top level in the market

The absence of competitors will give customers visibility of business progress, which is updated with each passing day. In the near future, VR technologies will acquire the same demand as the social network or site.

Progress in working with clients

The network is easier to track anything than in real life. This fact makes it clear that a large percentage of investments will return, because you have the opportunity to analyze the time of interaction, the data that you are interested in and the measures taken.

Enhanced access to information

Relevance, entertainment and interaction, available in virtual reality, give people the impetus to describe their feelings from use through social networks. And this is a plus in multiplying marketing opportunities.

New channels for permanent communication

Optimization of existing communication resources using VR-technologies. Such an undertaking will give you new users through advertising (audio and web sites, video recordings without unnecessary attachments.

Virtual reality no longer differs from physical reality

Optimize the brand using advanced, virtual or mixed reality applications to create an effective marketing campaign. This will provide an opportunity to establish contact with the client and offer the experience of the user.